Organisation is the strength of any business.



Respecting the environment means respecting ourselves, looking after the areas in which we live and work and where future generations will do the same


Continuously monitoring the level of efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided to always ensure high quality standards


Checking how work is carried out and strictly complying with applicable legislation in order to avoid accidents in the workplace


Believing in peopleís potential and abilities and aiming to create harmonious and proactive relationships within the team

Looking after the workplace to ensure the best conditions

Motivated by the desire to make each place unique and pleasant to work in and visit.

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Performance and quality

Over twenty yearsí experience in the Facility Management industry. After introducing additional services to its traditional core business, the company now offers integrated solutions, providing added value for customers.


Maintaining standards of cleanliness and hygiene in facilities for civil and industrial use.

On-site personnel

Qualified personnel supporting events such as exhibitions, fashion shows, openings, etc.

Green areas

Pruning, mowing lawns, footpath maintenance, watering and fertilisation.

Vending machines

Supplying vending machines for food and drinks.


Welcoming, assisting and entertaining customers during conferences and public or private events.


Supplying management services such as cleaning and quality rearrangement of rooms on behalf of hotels and hotel chains.

Disinfestation and rodent control

Removal of pests in order to preserve the hygiene and safety of public places and industrial facilities.

Minor maintenance work

Ordinary maintenance of workplaces and support to plan and maintain plants and systems.

Business Centres


Art Galleries

Large-scale retail channel


Private Healthcare





Why choose Open Service?

Our aim is to improve the quality of your work.


Open Service has been working in the Facility Management industry for over twenty years and is driven by its goal to continuously improve and grow.


Our operators are always on hand to provide assistance and consulting services to all customers and are trained to advise on the most suitable solution for each situation.


All of our staff undergo regular training and refresher courses to make sure they are always professional and well-informed about applicable legislation.


Strictly respecting turnaround times, and delivery times especially, is of fundamental importance in order to provide an impeccable service.

Single consultant

All operators are available 24/7 and they are the only point of reference for their customers, thereby ensuring continuity and efficiency for each job.


The ability to develop long-standing and consolidated working relationships over time is the result of high-quality services that respect predefined criteria and the requested time frames.
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