An aptitude

For years, Open Service has been a strategic partner par excellence for Facility Management. Its range of integrated solutions allows customers to rely on a single partner, who is able to meet diversified and complex requirements.

The right surroundings boost productivity

Think big, act better

Experience and professionalism are a guarantee of effective results.


Top results with the utmost respect

Continuous improvement is a source of motivation: if you're perfect, you're not stimulated and you can't be creative or innovative. Our past actions speak for themselves, which is what allows us to build a trust-based relationship with our customers and partners.


Born from a simple idea, which developed into an excellent service

Open Service was established in 1999 and soon became a leading provider in the cleaning industry. Our objective is to ensure a harmonious and functional relationship between facilities and the people who use them, offering a vast range of specific services.


It's not the service that makes the difference, it's how it's done

Open Service offers a range of highly specific and diversified cleaning services to get the best results regardless of the type of facilities.


Maintaining standards of cleanliness and hygiene in facilities for civil and industrial use.

On-site personnel

Qualified personnel supporting events such as exhibitions, fashion shows, openings, etc.

Green areas

Pruning, mowing lawns, footpath and pathway maintenance, watering and fertilisation.

Vending machines

Supplying vending machines for food and drinks.


Welcoming, assisting and entertaining customers during conferences and public or private events.


Supplying management services such as cleaning and quality rearrangement of rooms on behalf of hotels and hotel chains.

Disinfestation and rodent control

Removal of pests in order preserve the hygiene and safety of public places and industrial facilities.

Minor maintenance work

Ordinary maintenance of workplaces and support to plan and maintain plants and systems.


We enhance

our team

Growth helps us to be more efficient and more effective. All members of our team are assessed, with reference not only to their technical skills but also to the fact that their personal characteristics meet requirements in terms of confidentiality and a sense of responsibility, which are necessary to do their job in the best way possible.

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